Decentralized website builder

Decentralized Website Automated Creator

CORE.Limo decentralized website auto-creator allows to have templates that help you to quickly create static pages and automatically publish them to IPFS and .core domains.
You can publish a decentralized blog or personal website in minutes.

LIMO operates as a reverse proxy for .core domain and IPFS content.

LIMO uses a wildcard DNS record * to dynamically capture requests for all .core domains.
The LIMO service automatically resolves the IPFS/IPNS/Skynet contenthash of the requested CORE ID record and returns the corresponding static content over HTTPS.
Since native IPFS/IPNS/Skeynet resolution capabilities are missing from the majority of browsers, CORE.LIMO represents a bridge from the “normal” internet to the decentralized one.
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